Nice little piece Greg Falski did on me in his latest SOFB online mag, plus a good ad shot with Oscar.
Thanks Greg, Great shots from West Jam 2 in Portugal.


FFG – fixed gear geelong

wide world of sport

The Australians get the reference.

My bikes


Identiti Persona

Identiti P66


All City Def Wish bike check


Update on my All City Def Wish build:

Frame: All City Def Wish medium
Forks: Def wish
Bars: New BLACK CHROME Gusset 3″ open prison uncut
Cranks: New BLACK CHROME Gusset Reynolds 853 boss-less for spline drive
Rims: Halo Aerowarriors 32h
Hubs: Rear Halo Fix-G/Fix-G fixed HG spline hub, Front Halo track
Tyres: Halo Twin Rail 2.2 29er
Stem: Gusset Colt
Pedals: Gusset Pin Head with Power Grips
Cogs: Halo Fat Foot 13t and 14t
Chainring: Gusset Tribal 32t with Gusset polycarbonate bashguard on Gusset Woodstock 4 arm splined spider
Grips: ODI longneck XL

Summer pics from Juliet

taken by Juliet Elliott

New Twin Fix-G Halo fixed hub!

Just in, My new twin Halo HG splined fixed hub!
After running my last one for the past year i’m totally converted to the fixed hg spline idea, I’ve had no problems with it. Nice and easy to change and with a bit of loctite on the lock ring no movement at all.

my new All City Def Wish!

iko, iko

Chris Delia iko iko lines from chris delia on Vimeo.