Fly Guard Mudguards

mudguardbottle mudguard 1

I have been making and using these recycled bottle mudguards for the last two years now but recently they have been getting more attention. I found the second photo by typing ‘bottle mudguard’ in to google images, and the first image is a photo that someone took when my girlfriends and my bike were locked up. (
I call them ‘Fly Guards’ because they kinda look like a dragon fly if you use your imagination 🙂

As you can see they either come in clear, green or a combination of the two, this is because of the colour the bottles I use.
Fly Guard’s are easily removed by unscrewing the bottle, leaving only the cap on the bike. The mount can be fitted onto almost any bike, track, fixed, geared etc.
If anyone is interested they are £8 and you can contact me via email:


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