Just got sponsored!

chris delia ison

I’ve just been signed up by Identiti Bikes and Halo wheels through Ison Distribution.

I’ll be riding the new Identiti Persona frame (with which I’ve had design input) with Identiti FFX forks along with Halo Aerowarrior wheels
and Twin Rail tyres. Parts will come from sister brands – Gusset and Genetic as well as ODI for his grip needs.

I will be getting his new frame and forks in a few weeks but stopped by Identiti HQ today and had my current bike adorned with Halo, Gusset,
Genetic and ODI parts.

Some of the parts I chose are the Gusset Pigmy 853 Reynolds cranks for their strength and superlight weight, Gusset G-Wheel chainring (one piece chainring and bashguard), Gusset Badger chain and Gusset Pinhead plastic pedals (pictured).

My choice of wheels are the new Halo Aerowarrior rims 24mm wide, 25.5mm deep (pictured) laced up to Halo Track hubs and shod with Halo Twin Rail Courier Tyres.

For all products check out the websites:


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