Identiti Persona build up

This is my new Identiti Persona build. This is the second prototype, but its pretty much perfect. Soo nice to ride, handles really well and so light! Identiti have definately done well with this, so glad my input on it was right. Thanks heaps IDENTITI, GUSSET, HALO, ODI and Ison Distribution!

Build list:
Frame: Identiti Persona
Fork: Identiti FFX 30mm offset
Bars: Gusset open prison 3″
Stem: Gusset colt
Cranks: Gusset pigmy 3 Reynolds 853 170mm
Chainring: Gusset G-wheel 36th
Chain: Gusset badger
Rear cog: Halo
Pedals: Gusset Pin Head plastic pedals
Foot retention: Power grips
Seat: Gusset slim vin
Seatpost: Gusset 4-poster
Rims: Halo Aerowarrior, front and rear
Hubs: Halo track, front and rear
Tyres: Halo twin rail 700x38c dual compound
Grips: Odi longneck st
Lights: Skully front and rear, they’re really bright and the light comes out of the skulls eyes šŸ™‚


19 responses to “Identiti Persona build up

  1. I got me some of them lights. How’s tricks dude?what you up to?

  2. Congratulations!! Bike looks rad!

  3. Great build up! The frame looks pretty sharp.

  4. Are those rims good and strong enough?

    • yeah the aerowarriors are definately strong enough, ive been running the 32h for the last 4 months with no problems, but they’re also comming in 36h and 48h if you really want mega strength.

  5. set up looks awesome dude, what frame size are you riding there

    • thanks, I’m on the medium at the moment but i might try the large when the production ones come in. I’m kinda in between sizes. Feels really good though šŸ™‚

  6. which spindle are using??????

  7. How are those forks feeling now you have given them a run on and off road? Im really liking the look of em, but not sure what offset to go for. would be installing them on my Charge Plug, thoughts?

    • They’re feeling realy good. Really solid feeling but responsive and light too.
      As for the offset, its hard to say really, not sure what the plug is set up for, but i’m running the 30mm, seems to be a good balance between barspinability and toe overlap. the 45mm will give you more room for toe overlap but less for barspins. Theres also the 20mm which is pretty short, but if you just want bar spins these would be good. The 30mm seems to be a good middle ground. hope this helps somehow.

  8. Ah shweet thanks dude, I think i’ll go for the 30mm. Keep up the good work!

  9. I`m waiting for these to become available but it`s killing me. I`m 6’2″ with a 32″ inseam pants and not sure what size to get either. How tall are you and whats your inseam? I don`t want want for tricks just a commuter.

    • They’ll be here next month, definately worth the wait though. I’m 6′ with a 34″ inseam. I use mine mainly for tricks, so i ride the medium because i like the clearance. I’m kind of inbetween sizes though, if i was going for correct fit i would get the large. So for you i would say to to get the large, it’ll still be good for tricks but more comfortable to commute on.
      Hope this helps.

  10. Nice. How much clearance do you think you have? Thanks for the help.

  11. Thanks for the help. Now if I can just hold out a little longer…..

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