fixed gear london nike 6.0 tunnel jam with tom and tony

Whilst Tom Lamarche and Tony Fast were in the country we got to go ride the nike 6.0 tunnel. It was so sick!
The van ride down was messy as fuck, in the first 10 minute we had a red bull fight destroying a case or two. BAD idea, red bul smells light vomit after a while making me and Tom feel quite sick. Did I mention we were in the back of a transit van with no windows. When we stoped to chuck and get some fresh air Taliban Tom found a bag of food the supermarket was throwing out, also a BAD idea. This ended up in a food fight of course, so by the time we got there we all felt pretty grose but the riding definately made up fot it. We were the first guys on fixed to ride the tunnel, its so much bigger when you get there but so much fun.

The van ride.

That bottle does not contain water, but it is yelow and warm.


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