Epic Epping forest

Yesterday we went for some good old muddy off roading in Epping forest on my Identiti Persona. It was mainly muddy singletrack but then we found some good drops. Tom being Tom decided to nude up for a photo, luckily it didn’t put me off cause i couldn’t see him. Greg Falski got some wicked shots of the drop, and Tom. Over all a good day, not too many crashes, a few cuts, but skin grows back.
The bike handled realy well, i kept forgeting i wasn’t on a MTB because it felt so good. But being a 700c bike it was still a breeze to ride the 40 miles to get to the forrest and back. I was also quite impressed with my Halo 38c Twin Rail tyres too. On the road getting there they were smooth and fast but in the mud they still performed. They didn’t clog with mud or slide out on corners, definately reccommend them.


4 responses to “Epic Epping forest

  1. that looks like fun! is that an identiti fork? where can I get it online? thanks

    • yeah it was heaps good! Yeah its the FFX 30mm offset, its a sweet fork. Im not too sure where its availiable online. They are in stock at Ison Distribution, they might be able to help.
      good luck!

  2. Completely the wrong bike for the job, get a full suspension Mountain Bike and do things properly, you will enjoy it more. Rigid in the forest just knackers your knees and the bike!

    • Of course it the “wrong bike for the job” but who says what is? I made it work, it was good fun too. Anyone can do a drop like this on full sus, but thats too easy. I’ve got my mtb for when i wanna go for some proper off road, but fixed brakeless off road in the mud is more of a chalenge, give it a go 🙂

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