my new All City Def Wish!

2 responses to “my new All City Def Wish!

  1. fuckin sweet bike. I’m looking to build a Def Wish similar to this. I was wondering:
    What kinda wheels are those and what size?
    Is the frame a small or a medium?
    also what kinda fork is that and why did you use it opposed to the All City Dropout?

    • thanks dude,
      the wheels are Halo Aerowarriors 700c with Halo 29er 2.2 tyres, they just fit with about 4mm either side.
      the fork is the All city Def wish fork, i did have to slightly file the fork to fit the tyres but not near any of the welds to no strength loss.
      i’m, going to put a bike check post up so you can check the full details on that.


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