All City Def Wish bike check


Update on my All City Def Wish build:

Frame: All City Def Wish medium
Forks: Def wish
Bars: New BLACK CHROME Gusset 3″ open prison uncut
Cranks: New BLACK CHROME Gusset Reynolds 853 boss-less for spline drive
Rims: Halo Aerowarriors 32h
Hubs: Rear Halo Fix-G/Fix-G fixed HG spline hub, Front Halo track
Tyres: Halo Twin Rail 2.2 29er
Stem: Gusset Colt
Pedals: Gusset Pin Head with Power Grips
Cogs: Halo Fat Foot 13t and 14t
Chainring: Gusset Tribal 32t with Gusset polycarbonate bashguard on Gusset Woodstock 4 arm splined spider
Grips: ODI longneck XL

2 responses to “All City Def Wish bike check

  1. Nice build! What’s your inseam measurement? I’m 6′ with a 31″ to 32″ inseam without shoes. Do you think the Medium Def Wish is the right fit? Thanks for any guidance you can give.


    • Thanks man, I’m also 6′ but i have a 34″ inseam but i do have heaps of stand over height on it. I reckon if you’re 6′ the medium should be pretty good, is there anyone with a similar size frame you could try?

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