New Twin Fix-G Halo fixed hub!

Just in, My new twin Halo HG splined fixed hub!
After running my last one for the past year i’m totally converted to the fixed hg spline idea, I’ve had no problems with it. Nice and easy to change and with a bit of loctite on the lock ring no movement at all.


my new All City Def Wish!

iko, iko

Chris Delia iko iko lines from chris delia on Vimeo.

Belfast, Streat………… Street

Nah, its fun!

soo clean!!

Clean 001 from Clean on Vimeo.

this is some of the best and most creative street/trials i’ve seen in ages, definitely some good inspiration.
worth watching the whole thing!

i’m not immature, you are :)

Gusset Woodstock

Here’s a few shots of my Gusset Woodstock 48 splined spider and polycarb bashring, been giving it a good beating and it works a treat! Check out my new chainring too, drilled and shiny 🙂