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wide world of sport

The Australians get the reference.


Fixed Gear London and Dickies

thanks Dickies!

Me on Fixed-Trix

My riding isn’t the best, but it was fun and well shot and edited by Michal from Fixed-trix

Taking in the fresh air on the Epping Forest trails

Photo by Greg Falski

dual PERSONA-lity

Mine and Daves Identiti Personas.

Cycling Plus Identiti Persona Ad and Halo ad

The photos by Dave Franciosy turned out really well of the Identiti Persona.

Dunwich Dynamo 2010

120 miles through the night, London Fields to Dunwich beach. I put the skinny tyre back on and fliped it over on the a harder gear and with a Maxx-D light lent from Rory at Exposure Lights i was all set.